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Tooth  Whitening

true north Dental will provide you with personalized dental care dependent on your needs.

About our Zoom!

Yes we use the official Philips Zoom! light... So when someone gets in-office bleach.. we use the Philips Zoom! brand and Zoom! bleach.

It's a blue light that works with the light-accelerated whitening gel to delivery dramatic results in minimal time. It can lighten your teeth up to 10 shades in a visit.

You want it, we’ve got it! You’ve done a great job of brushing & flossing, you use whitening toothpaste & mouthwash, you’ve tried the store-bought strips and you even keep up with your regular dental cleaning appointments, but your teeth just aren’t white enough! Well, having them bleached by the pros at true north Dental might just be the solution you are looking for.
Is it for me?

We can help you decide. Contact us to setup a FREE consult at our office. During this consult our dentist will be looking at all the teeth that we see when you smile. We are looking for anything that may cause not-so-perfect results. An example of this could be a filling or a crown that is matched to your current tooth color. If you bleach out the teeth and have an unnatural addition somewhere in there, it will not give you the results you had hoped. Of course, we’ve got solutions for that!

What makes professional teeth whitening different than store-bought?

Dental offices get their gloves on the good stuff. These whitening solutions are stronger than what you can buy in store and they give better and safer results. When you come to us, you also leave with your own custom trays that ensure proper coverage of each tooth, not an uncomfortable strip that accidentally whitens your gums or falls off your wet teeth.

Why so expensive?

Results of course! We’ve got two options for whitening your teeth at our office.

Take-Home: so our Take-Home option is half the price of the In-Office option. The results should take a few days and you will slowly but surely see the results. Our office lab will make you custom trays to fit your top and bottom teeth perfectly. You will get a strong whitening solution to take home and get those teeth brighter at your own pace.

In-Office: You want those results and you want them now! With this option, you get a one-on-one with one of our delightful dental hygienists. Feel free to bring some earbuds and listen to your favorite podcast or song list while you sit back and enjoy your #selfcare and she gets to work on your beautification process. Don’t forget to snap your before and after selfie! You will leave with appointment with custom trays and gel for your future touch-ups at home (shoutout to all you coffee and red wine drinkers).

Does it last forever?

You know what they say.. nothing lasts forever. But actually, for the most part you should stay a few shades whiter going forward… but everyone is different and will have different preferences and that is why you can continue do touch-ups whenever you feel it’s necessary with your at-home kit that is included with all whitening services.


You’re probably wondering why Sally-Anne over there was born with brighter teeth than you. Well, it turns out there’s lots that can affect the color of your teeth and it’s not just age and diet. Genetics can cause different color too (thanks mom)!

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