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Dental Veneers
A veneer is a very thin layer of material that is added to the front part of teeth - when you want that celebrity smile
From Megan Fox to Donald Trump, the list of big names who’ve opted for this cosmetic treatment are endless.
Reasons for veneers: your teeth are in pretty good health, but there’s just something about your smile that’s not right. Hmm, is it some little gaps between the teeth? Is it some stains or discoloration? Maybe the shape? Enough chit-chat doc, I just want to look like I stepped off of the red carpet.
So you’re ready for your new smile? We don’t want to complicate this fun cosmetic journey, but there are two options of veneers: resin-based (like a filling) or porcelain (like a crown). There’s going to be some pros and cons for both and a quick consult with your true north Dental dentist will get you the answer to which option could be best for you. Hey – we just want what’s best for you!
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