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Dental crowns and Bridges

So if you have dental insurance, this is what they would refer to as “major work”.. to us, it’s just another walk in the park.

So a crown vs a bridge, (very) basically… a crown pops on one tooth and a bridge is a set of three or more teeth together.

Why would you need a crown or bridge?

Well, a crown might be suggested to you if you’ve had a root canal on the tooth, if you’ve broken a tooth or have a very large cavity. A bridge can additionally do a great job on restoring a missing tooth so that the others don’t slllllllide towards that hole – yikes.

Ugh! It sounds expensive…

Well yes, they are some of the higher priced services but with good reason. We work with one of the best dental labs in Winnipeg to get custom made teeth (porcelain, gold, silver you name it) to replace your original one(s) with something that will last a very long time.

It lasts a long time, but what is a long time?

The average crown or bridge lasts about 10 years, sometimes less and sometimes more!

So what about the appointment?

The appointment is a lot like a dental filling (restoration) visit. We remove the part of the tooth or teeth that isn’t working for you and replace it with something amazing.

So what’s different between this and a filling?

Well, we take custom impressions of teeth and make copies of your bite (chomp chomp). We do this so that when our lab creates your custom tooth replacement(s), they give you perfect function and aesthetics.

These types of restorative services take two appointments.
The first appointment will be longer and we will do the prep work and impressions, you will leave with a temporary version of a replacement tooth. From there, we send your impressions and bites off to our lab where they create your new custom tooth or teeth.
The second appointment we’ll get you back for something short and sweet. We simply pop off the temporary crown or bridge and pop on the new one. Sometimes your dentist will make slight adjustment to ensure a perfect fit.

Tada! You are looking and feeling marvelous!

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