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Restorative Dentistry

true north Dental will provide you with personalized dental care dependent on your needs.


A dental filling is one of the most common procedures done in a general dental office. Have a crack, teeth worn down or maybe just a cavity? The answer is very often that we can do a filling on it.. and what we mean by that is, we can clean up the area of your tooth and patch it up with some tooth-colored material. Let’s talk about that process and answer some questions that you may have.

What happens during the procedure?

It’s easy peasy and we’re going to walk you thru the bulk of it so you feel at ease:

  • Start by putting your feet up on your comfy leather lounger and one of our skilled dentists will lay you back
  • Next, we put a little numbing jelly around the area (we’ve got fun flavors like piña colada, watermelon and cherry) – this is so you don’t feel the next part!
  • Everyone’s favorite part – freezing the area (local anesthetic) … we’ll hold your hand if you want, but it’s really not that bad – like a mosquito bite, c’mon Manitobans you got this!
  • Next we prep that tooth.. so depending what’s going on here we remove whatever part of the tooth is not happy with motorized dental hand tools (ok yeah, it’s called a drill but these are state of the art modern dental hand tools, not to be confused with anything you find in your dad’s toolbox)
  • We wash it out and prep the surface for the exciting part
  • Next we fill the area with some filling material in a shade that perfectly matches your tooth
  • Then the dentist uses his artistic skills to create grooves and everything else to make it look, feel and function exactly as it should
  • From there you may hear your dentist say “tap tap tap” while he gets you to use bite on a blue piece of paper (articulating paper) to check the bite on the filling (because you are frozen, we can’t always count on you to tell us how it feels)
But hey? What’s that dental assistant doing and what’s all that beeping?
During the dental procedures, the dental assistant is the dentist’s second set of eyes, ears and hands… they ensure you’re comfortable while passing the dentist all the necessary tools and materials to get the job done (on time)!
And the beeping? It’s a curing light.. it hardens (cures) the dental materials. You know, like in a nail salon! 
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