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Preventative Hygiene

true north Dental will provide you with personalized dental care dependent on your needs.


true north Dental will provide you with personalized dental care dependent on your needs. A dental hygiene appointment consists of diagnostic x-rays, exam of your teeth and gums, scaling for removal of calcified deposits (tartar) from your teeth, polishing for removal of stain and plaque, and a fluoride treatment. The frequency of a dental cleaning depends on your individual needs, which will be decided upon with the dentist, the dental hygienist, and yourself.

Say what?! Ok let’s break down this selfcare appointment to get a full understanding of what we’re talking about.


The purpose of the x-ray is to see inside and under the surface of the tooth. They can assist the dentist with identifying a dental issue early to help prevent future health complications


at true north Dental Centre we generally have two exam choices during your regular hygiene appointment.
Let’s break this down:

Recall exam: These are the regular exams we use when you come for a dental cleaning with us every 6-12 months. The dentists mainly checks your teeth and gums. During this time we also like to learn about what you’ve noticed about your oral health and as always, answer any questions you may have.

Complete exam: we encourage these about every 2-3 years. This in-depth exam exam includes a very thorough examination and it begins before the dentist even steps foot in your room, with the dental hygienist collecting information and charting information on your digital chart. It covers pre-existing conditions, gum health, screenings, and diagnostics.


This is how we get your teeth and gums healthy! Scaling is what many patients mispronounce as “scraping”. So why do we need to do this?
Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of it: everyday your mouth creates plaque and if not removed properly with a good daily regime (and yes, this includes flossing), this turns into tartar AKA calculus. If you leave this stuff on too long and let it build up, it can cause things like: gum disease, bone damage and even heart disease. But no worries! The dental hygienist is our tartar removing ninja. Your true north Dental hygienist has the tools and skills to strategically remove this stuff without causing damage to your tooth. The dental hygienist will customize your experience by choosing to hand scale, use a cavitron (an ultrasonic scaler that uses high frequency vibrations and water flow) or a combination of both to best suit your needs and get the best results.


This is the how we get those teeth looking shiny and feeling smooth! We use a rubber cup and we customize the polishing paste to your needs: course, medium or fine.


This is another hot topic for some and it’s also probably the most remembered part of your dental visit as a kid: sitting with two trays of foam in your mouth with a suction going for a couple minutes. Things have changed a little since those times, as we are always finding better ways to do things in healthcare. So first, what’s the point? Basically, Fluoride helps your teeth reabsorb minerals to repair weak tooth enamel and reduces the risk of cavities.
We have fluoride in a variety of forms (gel, foam, rinse and varnish) and flavors (think bubblegum, mint, cherry) to best suit your needs and preferences.


You know this isn’t going to be a straight answer! So the recommended frequency depends first on your oral health and habits, of course we do take into consideration your insurance (if applicable). The general recommendation is two times per year. Some people have heavier build-up and should come more often to get scaling done in-between full cleanings. Some start with us at three months and graduate to twice per year (yay!).. we will find your perfect spot and work with you to keep you smiling throughout the year.

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