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Root Canal

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We’ve observed over the years that people aren’t fans of root canals. What we’ve learned though, is that it is not actually the procedure of the root canal that turns people off, it’s the infection that they come in with that is the real problem. Root canal infections are infamous for causing pain when chewing, lingering sensitivity to hot or cold or swollen gums can be a few symptoms that come along with it. Don’t worry – we’re here to help!
But why?!
Well, we love teeth and we really don’t like removing perfectly good teeth if we don’t have to. We can save your tooth from being removed by taking out the root and patching up the tooth on the tiny little spot we take it out of.
The procedure
To fix the damaged or infected root is actually quite similar to that of a restoration. We do the ol’ freezing and removing what’s no longer serving you well aka that problem root. From there we fill it and you’re on your way. See, that wasn’t so bad.
After your root canal
Some people may experience mild discomfort, but we’ve got some tricks up our sleeve for that. Your dentist will also recommend that tooth to be crowned in the future. This is to keep it strong.
Dentists have been perfecting their root canal treatment techniques since the second or third century B.C., we’ve definitely been perfecting our methods over the years.
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