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Why does the dentist inspect my tongue?

Yes, we check your tongue at your dental appointment and we’re looking for any abnormalities within the mouth.

Why does the dentist inspect my tongue?
Can you stick out your tongue please?
Say AH! Yes, we check your tongue at your dental appointment and we’re looking for any abnormalities within the mouth that could lead to something big like oral cancer (rare!) or a minor inconvenience like bad breath. Most of the time if you notice something a little different about your tongue it’s nothing to worry about but it’s best to come in and have one of our professionals take a look to get some peace of mind along with any necessary recommendations.

When the tiny bumps on your tongue get dirty with bacteria, fungi, dirt, food or dead cells they can get inflamed the results can make your tongue appear white. Treatment for this issue can be simple: brush twice a day, use a tongue cleaner, rinse with salt water and avoid any foods that can cause irritation. Even though most of the time the story of the white tongue ends here, there’s a possibility that the white spots may indicate a more serious health concern and an early warning sign of cancer. Better catch those early warning signs, even though they are rare! 


OK what colour is the perfect shade of tongue?! Of course, like our skin, hair and eyes, our tongue colours can naturally vary (we’re aiming for dark pink here), however if your tongue is looking darker than your usual (sometimes called strawberry tongue) it might be time for a dental exam as discolouration of the tongue can be a sign of an illness, vitamin deficiency, Kawasaki disease, scarlet fever or a precancerous condition.  Better be safe and get it checked out!

Dark colors or .... a hairy texture?
Tongue scrapers to the rescue!

Seeing some black, grey or brown patches on your tongue? And it’s looking hairy? This sounds like it’s straight out of a horror movie, but it’s natural and it happens. You can thank the usual suspects for this: poor dental hygiene, use of medications, and smoking cigarettes. Guys, if you’re feeling a burning or tickling sensation on your tongue or the roof of your mouth take a look at that tongue and pop in to true north DENTAL CENTRE for your routine hygiene appointment – we’ll make sure to send you home with a clean mouth, a good home care plan and a fabulous new tongue scraper.

Scrapes and cuts?

We’ve all bit our tongue – but leave it to the pros at true north DENTAL CENTRE to spot an abnormal cut from normal wear and tear in your mouth. There’s a variety of ways your body communicates with you and changes in your mouth can indicate a variety of other changes in your body, such as: sensitivity to foods, immune disorders, emotional stress, vitamin deficiencies and more.

the short story

Stick out your tongue and give yourself an inspection as part of your daily at home selfcare so you can easily notice changes and we’ll see you at your next dental visit!

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