Billing and Insurance

Important Information about Dental Insurance Benefits

Our fees are based on the current Manitoba Dental Association Fee Guide

A dental plan can be a great help in covering the cost of dental care. However, it is possible that your dental plan may not cover the full cost of your required treatment.

At true north Dental Centre, we accept assignment of benefits from insurance companies. Assignment of benefits means that the dental insurance company pays directly to the dental office.

Our goal is to utilize your insurance benefits to the dental treatment required. It is important to understand that the insurance contract is between the insurance company and you, the insured. Due to pending claims and patient privacy issues, we do not always know how much an insurance company has already paid out on your plan. If you are not able to provide us with your insurance booklet or detailed insurance limitations of your plan, you will be responsible for the full cost of treatment.

However, we will assist you with required information needed. Please feel free to speak with one of our staff members.

At true north Dental Centre, our goal is not to let expense prevent you from benefiting from the quality of dental care you desire and need. You are an important part of our dental care team. Your dental treatment and care decisions should be made in collaboration with us.

We have experience with many insurance plans and we’re please to assist you with your dental insurance. If you can, please provide us with the following information from your insurance policy manual:

  • Basic coverage/at what percent covered?
  • Major coverage/at what percent covered?
  • Yearly maximum amount? (for you, the individual)
  • Remaining $$ left on plan for you, the individual?
  • Deductible? If so, how much?
  • Fee Guide plan based on what year? Calendar year or Policy Year plan?
  • Scaling units allowed?
  • Exam/polish/fluoride covered how often? (ie: every 6 months? 9 months?)
  • Composites covered on molar teeth?

We accept major credit cards and Interac payments for services rendered.